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As it has now become widely established that it is not advisable to prepare only in isolation for the MDCN exams, a lot of tutorials are coming up here and there towards the October/November assessment Exams. Here are Thirteen (13) reasons why I have chosen NITMED over the others.

The calibre of tutors

NITMED isn’t just a single person, or a group of people trying to organize a crash course. We have over 40 consultants and senior residents who will be delivering the revision classes. These senior doctors who have a lot of experience in practicing in Nigeria, as well as teaching. They have all contributed to developing the course structure (together with candidates who have previously passed the MDCN) which adds a lot of credibility to the teaching process.

Programme Structure

The structure of our programme which is exam focused. OSCE requires repeated practice. Especially in a setting where your mistakes can be gently pointed out, and you can be helped to improve. We have also identified over 80 high yield topics for lectures.

Lecture times

The lectures are timed towards the late afternoons, evenings and weekends. This has at least two advantages. A student gets enough time to attend their hospital rounds in the mornings, as well as enough extra time for personal study, group work, and revisions on the free days.

Mutual respect

The NITMED team putting this together believes that we are all colleagues. It is not an opportunity for show off or bullying, rather they see this as colleagues helping other colleagues succeed in a relaxed and interactive environment. All that is required is the willingness to learn, and cooperation.

Attention to students welfare

The choice of the venues are in a quiet, air conditioned, and serene facility where one can learn comfortably. Security measures are in place, as well as refreshment during breaks. They also try to give assistance to help students coming out of town to make accommodation choices. Most of the small texts (Synopsis etc) are given to NITMED participants for free as part of their registration package.

Locations: Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Enugu

This itself is another added advantage. And the immediate past participants of NITMED, over Forty percent of them came from different parts of Nigeria to prepare for the MDCN exam with NITMED in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Enugu. They mostly agree that it was a very wise decision to make.


NITMED works with real estate agents in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and Enugu to provide affordable and comfortable accommodations for participants who reside outside of these states.


It is reassuring that NITMED has been around for months, taking a lot of time to plan an efficient tutorial and developing a seamless online registration on our website (, which is an advantage over others. Remember a counterfeit can never be like the original.


In April, review sessions will be held for those who for one reason or the other will have missed the first few weeks of lectures in addition to structured OSCE examination and picture test.


A number of the conveners and the tutors also had their first degree overseas. Apart from the academic knowledge, you get an opportunity to rub minds with former MDCN candidates and learn the soft skills required to pass the exams and thereafter acclimatize to Nigerian practice. This is in addition to counselling and emotional support to prepare the participants holistically.

Alumni support

NITMED made it a priority to drill its participants on confidence, composure and time management. NITMED Alumni testify that this strategy made the main MDCN exams very easy to approach. For the OSCE, they knew what to do, and they had enough time in most cases. Interestingly, a significant number of NITMED Alumni finished the MCQs in the just concluded MDCN Assessment ahead of time! Hence NITMED will be bringing some of these alumni at regular intervals to motivate new participants with their personal success stories and share their tips, and entertain questions!

Track Record

NITMED has the best track record nationwide. With nearly 100% of our candidates (1 in 5 of successful MDCN candidates) excelling in the recently concluded MDCN assessment examination. NITMED is undoubtedly the most trusted to deliver. NITMED pays a lot of close attention to individual needs of its participants, making it the ideal place for candidates who have been unsuccessful at previous attempts to prepare afresh. The successes recorded by NITMED will even get better with the introduction of the new Seven Star Upgrade (NITMED-SSU) currently ongoing for the new prospective participants.