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Here Are some of our successful candidates.

Till date, we have helped over 500 candidates pass their MDCN exams.

Dr. Ahmed Osman
NITMED Tutorials Alumni
I am very grateful to NITMED tutorials for their thorough program.From their organization, the manner of teaching, and extremely tough and detailed OSCEs, I was provided what I needed to gain success in my MDCN exams. Thanks NITMED.
Dr. Amina Mohammed
NITMED Tutorials Alumni
Thank you Nitmed for showing us how to maneuver this rocky waters called MDCN licensing exam, wouldn’t have done it without you guys ❤
Dr. Augustina Chidera Uba
NITMED Tutorials Alumni
My journey so far with Nitmed has been a very very productive and insightful one At first when my friend introduced me to it I was staying far and I never thought it would work but when I started attending I knew it was worth the journey,it helped me know things I thought I knew better and though I thought I was being drilled way too much by Dr.wale our awesome exam setter it paid off at the end cuz the joy I felt when I was receiving my congratulations messages was sth else.After writing before I tried again after gaining this awesome experience and it worked and don’t forget God too cuz when you get in there “it is you and God and what you learnt” Thank you Nitmed!Ace MDCN with Nitmed !!!!
Dr. Bakaten Moffi
NITMED Tutorials Alumni
I thank God for directing me to NITMED. It was the perfect fit, I joined a really helpful study group and made friends for life. I looked forward to the classes because I learned so much, all the teachers were helpful in the best way they possibly could. We were given books that helped us focus on the important things we needed to know. Preparing for the exam was scary but with the help of God, NITMED and the study group I joined, I was able to pass the exam at once.
Dr. Balogun Rukayat Omotayo
NITMED Tutorials Alumni
The osce mocks gave me a real feel of how the exam goes and helped me prepare better,thank you nitmed for being a part of my success story. Trust the nitmed community,it's more than just a tutorial,it's a family
Dr. Bankole
NITMED Tutorials Alumni
At NITMED we were divided into study groups which made it easy to cover a lot of topics and learn from other doctors too. We had mock exams at NITMED which was a simulation of the real MDCN OSCE. The NITMED site gave us access to a lot of mcqs and picture slides, including all the lecture notes we needed to scale through the exam. Big thanks to Dr. Hilda for giving us the moral support and encouraging us everyday to work hard.
Dr. Betty
NITMED Tutorials Alumni
I cannot express my full thanks, but hopefully these words are a start. NITMED tutorial was a blessing to me after 1st unsuccessful attempt with the MDCN exams. Of course God took all the glory but the tutorial gave God a template to bless. As they say, faith without work is dead... NITMED was the hardwork. Thanks for being you, Dr. Hilda and thanks for all the unrelenting efforts for the whole NITMED crew. Every registrar and consultant gave their very best. I am grateful to have made NITMED a choice!
Dr. Bosah Ezekpeazu-Chike
NITMED Tutorials Alumni
I was a student of nitmed tutorials and took the mdcn exam afterwards... its been a great experience and the tutorials gotten from nitmed played a big part in my success story of the mdcn exam. Nitmed provided lectures for me online which was amazing and exams too which enabled me cope up even while i was not yet in nigeria. I encourage you all out there to enroll and join the nitmed tutorial, its where wonderful experiences are gotten in a conductive environment. Choose nitmed today, and ace ur exams next.
Dr. Bulus Ovey Emmanuel
NITMED Tutorials Alumni
NITMED Tutorials was recommended to me by several friends whom you helped ace their November exams. It became clear to me it wasn't just about the money with you guys. You made sure we got all the tools necessary to give the May exams a very good shot. You kept an open mind, listened to our concerns every step of the way and didn't shy away from criticism. You adopted new methods and tweaked your approach, making your Goal (our goal) even more attainable. Thank you for helping me build up my confidence clerking and counselling different medical conditions and improve my physical examination skills. You gauged our progress every step of the way, either by calling us out to present in front of everyone (which was scary at first) or by organizing tests and mocks which turned out to be identical to the exams itself. You invited residents, consultants, who coached us and offered words of advice, tackling the exam at hand. I made lots of friends at NITMED, who were there for me when I needed help and were never quick to judge. Thank you Team NITMED!!!
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